Basic Upper Cervical Technic

There are literally hundreds of named chiropractic techniques being taught, both within chiropractic colleges, and on the seminar circuits.  We all learn several techniques based on our own, personal, style, philosophy, and in some cases, the school we attended.

My two favorite technique instructors at Logan College were Drs E.J. Hawkinson, and Brian Snyder.  They taught Logan Basic Technique, but also gave me exposure to Toftness Technique, and helped me to get training in the Toftness method.

At the time that Dr. Hawkinson graduated from Logan College, Basic Technique was the only adjusting procedure taught.  At that same time, at Palmer College, upper cervical was the only technique taught.  It was not uncommon for one to graduate from one of the two schools, and then spend time at the other, learning to adjust “the other end of the spine.”  In fact, Dr. Hawkinson graduated from Logan the same year that Dr. Fred Barge graduated from Palmer, and each went to the other school for post-grad work.

Dr. I.N. Toftness combined the light-force, sustained, sacral contact of Logan Basic, with a light-force, sustained contact in the upper cervical spine.

Basic Upper Cervical Technic is a combination of Palmer Upper Cervical Toggle Recoil, and Logan Basic.

My chiropractic adjusting procedures have been heavily influenced by  Drs. B.J. Palmer (HIO/Upper Cervical/Toggle Recoil), H.B. Logan (Logan Basic), I.N. Toftness (Toftness Technique) , Jay Holder (Torque Release Technique), Steve Hoffman (MC2), and Nick Spano (Advanced Muscle Palpation), and Dr. Paul Blumsack (Dynamic Upper Cervical Analysis).

I use a Lloyd C105, portable bench-style table; a Lloyd portable toggle headpiece, an Integrator, and my hands.  I also use bilateral scales and a PostureScreen app on my iPad Pro.  In fact, since my practice is a combination of a membership studio and house calls practice, this is pretty much all of the equipment I need and use.  I even have a $7.99 app (GoodNotes) on my iPad that I take all of my records and daily notes on.