Chiropractic is Simple: Better Brain.  Better Life

Some say there has never been a better time to be a chiropractor.

I know that I love chiropractic, being a chiropractor, practicing chiropractic, and telling the chiropractic story.  I love to see people’s lives change as a result of making chiropractic a part of their weekly routines.

What I don’t like is that so few people are under chiropractic care, and that so few chiropractors truly understand our philosophy, principles, and procedures necessary to make much of a difference.

I believe only a small percentage of chiropractors are even practicing chiropractic, but rather some sort of manipulative therapy, manual therapy, vague, wellness, something-er-other.

Students graduate with an identity crisis.  They may have been taught everything BUT chiropractic.  They lack confidence, skill, and an awareness that they have just about all they need to succeed in practice, in their head, heart, and hands.

Okay, they may need a good table (mine is a portable Lloyd C105 flat bench with a matching portable toggle headpiece, $750 for the two) , but they don’t need a new digital x-ray unit, fancy diagnostic equipment, a big office in a prime location, with 3 massage therapists, and an expensive EMR package.

They don’t need to stock a bunch of supplements, braces, and pillows.

What they do need is a table, their hands, and an understanding of what a subluxation is, how detrimental it is to brain function, how to find it with complete certainty, correct it with complete certainty, and the ability to communicate how a patient’s brain will now function better without this subluxation, and why weekly care at a fixed rate is such a great value.

There are a growing number of us who are completely stepping out of the medical model that prevails in chiropractic, but isn’t  chiropracTIC.  Some were smart enough to have never gotten involved in the first place.

We are good at telling the chiropractic story.

We are good at knowing what a subluxation is, where it is, and what it does to the brain.

We are good at locating and correcting the subluxation.

We are good at communicating to the community how this improves brain function, in a way that only makes logical sense for people to get checked and adjusted on a weekly basis, more often in certain cases.

We make care convenient, affordable, and simple.

We don’t have a dual fee system.

We aren’t practicing insurance without a license.

We don’t do any insurance.

We are legal in every state.

We have a relationship with our patients and no other third party dictates our care.  We are subject to, and compliant with the laws of our state.

We don’t worry about audits.  We don’t worry about claims being denied.   We don’t even care if a patient misses an appointment – they don’t have one.

We get paid if the patient is on vacation.  We get paid when WE are on vacation.

Hang out.  Listen to the podcast.   Ask questions.  Call me if you need to talk.

Come visit me in Colorado.  We’ll fish together.  It’s good for the soul.